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Innovation & Improvement

Team Tastemakers has a passion for food and developing, preparing, tasting, tasting again, renewing and making food more sustainable. We do this for small and large companies in the food industry.

Team Tastemakers

Team Tastemakers

Team Tastemakers is like a complete R&D, nutrition and regulatory department of an international food producer, but boiled down. Creative, inventive and agile, we cultivate and deliver a new product for consumer or industrial market.

All-round Specialists

At Team Tastemakers, each specialist does not work in tandem with the other, but rather integrated during each step. From the first question, the culinary innovator, the food and process technologist and the nutrition and claims expert are intensively involved. At an early stage, we consider all aspects in order to bring the perfect product to the consumer or industry. From start to finish, Team Tastemakers monitors the success factors: efficient in the process and effective in the result.

Sustainability Is An Opportunity​

Our specialty is 'thinking 360 degrees around nutrition'. The five senses are always the basis for striking product innovation. At the same time, we do not forget the residual flows in the production process. They offer great opportunities in terms of yield and, of course, sustainability. So double profit: in your books and for our planet, which just happens to give us all that delicious food.

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Over Ons

About us

Developing, preparing, tasting, innovating and making food more sustainable.

We are an experienced, well-attuned team of food developers. Everyone has their own expertise in the process, from idea to shelf. We already inspired each other at Unilever and we spread our wings with our shared vision on food innovation.

Jan-Peter Versteegen.jpg

Jan-Peter Versteegen

Innovation Chef

Innovation chef, formulation, idea generator, creativity sessions and development manager.

Robert Daamen.jpg

Robert Daamen

Nutritionist & Claim Expert

Nutritionist, claim expert, food scientist, project manager and facilitator.

Emiel Cevaal.jpg

Emiel Cevaal

Food Engineer

Project management, food development, food scientist, development manager and facilitator.

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